Advances in Prostate Imaging and Ablative Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Friday, June 19 - Saturday, June, 20, 2015




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The primary goal of this conference is to provide the urologist and radiologist with a comprehensive review of advances in prostate imaging, biopsy, and focal minimally invasive ablative therapy (MIAT) of prostate cancer.  The course is designed for practicing and academic urologists and radiologists who are interested in learning about, and adopting targeted prostate biopsy and MIAT for managing prostate cancer. Selecting candidates for these novel treatment options will also be emphasized.

The course will be organized into sessions focusing on prostate imaging, prostate biopsy, disease risk stratification and MIAT.  The information will be disseminated via lectures, case discussions and panel discussions.

The educational focus is designed to optimize selection of candidates and delivery of MIAT for prostate cancer by: identifying the ideal biopsy strategy in order to reliably assess the extent and biological aggressiveness of the disease; to discuss novel tumor markers for improving risk stratification; to apply the latest advances in imaging of prostate cancer in order to improve better assessment of the site and extent of clinically significant disease and enable target biopsies, and critically examine the most promising approaches for ablating prostate cancer and presenting technological pearls to maximize  outcomes following minimally invasive ablative treatment of prostate cancer.